The United Nations Versus The United States

September 20th, 2012

Over the past few months, questions have been arising as to whether or not a global arms treaty discussed at the UN global conference in New York city would in fact infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of United States citizens. In what many gun supporters are calling the United States versus the United Nations, a lot is left to question regarding this issue.

While many conservative Americans, especially those who are supporters of Fox News Network, consider this to be a direct attack on their personal gun ownership rights, this is a larger issue than just the right to own a gun in your American home.

With the mass murder that occurred in Colorado just a short time ago, it is no surprise that focus has once again come to guns in America, and also guns worldwide. Gun violence is the cause of death for thousands of people around the world annually. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t see that the UN taking a large step towards the prevention of illegal gun trafficking to be a positive step in world peace.

Not only has this issue brought to light a United Nations Versus United States scenario, we are also seeing the NRA go toe to toe against humanitarian groups such as Amnesty International- at least by way of their opinions. While an NRA leader stated that their members would never surrender their right to keep and bear arms to the United Nations, an Amnesty International spokeswoman challenged these ideals by pointing out that an arms trade treaty would have no impact on domestic gun ownership.

Sadly, this is not just a case of the United States versus the United Nations; this is also a case of a few educated and informed individuals versus a large group of uninformed, opinionated individuals who have stated they would rather own a shotgun than see global gun control and safety.

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